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Default Next Prop Challenge?

When will information for the 2017 challenge be available?
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Originally Posted by MBPfx View Post
When will information for the 2017 challenge be available?
So far, there's not been any mention of a prop challenge for this year. Over the past few years, it has gotten increasingly difficult to find prize donors for the contests. Last year, Hauntiholik very kindly undertook to organize two challenges after getting requests from members here, one for bragging rights only and one for bragging rights plus trophies she had 3D printed. Turnout was on the low side, the entries were excellent as always, but the sad thing was some of the folks who requested a contest did not then follow up and participate themselves.

It takes a lot of time and effort to manage a prop contest, and we appreciate that Haunti stepped up to the plate. It would not have happened last year without her.
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